Ciggies Electronic Cigarettes; Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Great post!! Please Do Join and be a Voice as Legislatures are gunning to Take our Freedom away…

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Half a Victory In Minnesota Today!!

Was watching Twitter today a saw that the Bill to include E-cigarettes into their clean air act failed in the senate but they where able to try to ban them in state buildings.  Not a whole Win But enough to keep motivated.

Also there was a Victory To Our North in Wisconsin, where they have put E-cigarettes separate to Analogs!!! I can Only Hope that Springfield listens to them and Not the beavers to the West.

I do hope that people find this Blog and use it.  If there is Something You would Like to post please let me Know and whatever you do Gt Active!!! Join CASAA and be a Voice for Vaping. The fight is coming now for every town and state and we Must Unite and Use the Tools available.  This is One but Twiter and FB  and The rest are needed to Push against this Blatant Ignorance of these Doctors and Represenatives that are paid to Be Voices!!!

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Not Sure How To Quit Smoking? Try These Ideas!


There are many reasons that people cite as their motivation to become a non-smoker. Studies show that having a multifaceted plan that includes motivation, techniques and support is one of the most effective ways to be successful in the quest to become a non-smoker. Use the tips in this article as part of your plan and you can be on your way to success.

When you smoke, you sometimes are just obsessed with the feeling of having something in your mouth. This can be replaced with a less dangerous habit such as chewing gum or eating candy. Anytime you feel like smoking, just have a piece of hard candy or chew a stick of gum.

Smoking cessation is one of the few times when it is best to procrastinate; delay tactics are often an effective strategy. By telling yourself you will check back in ten minutes to see if you…

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They are at it again!!! This time in Springfield!!

I have been informed about This.  It is a Bill that is trying to Get ahead of the FDA and Follow the EU in Basically putting Vaping back into the Stone ages. Please take this List (albeit 3 short ATM But will try to Find them) and Email these Representatives and let them know that Minors Can not Buy them as Of Jan 1 and this is Going a little Overboard…Just follow ‘s standard Of be personalble with your story say why it is not needed and Direct them to Currant studies.

No One else is going to stand up for what we do But us and we Have to get a Bee in Our Bonnet and get active!!  I have been away for a bit dealing with Life and the bad taste left in my mouth after the train wreck in Chicago, but I hope to stay a bit more active with the Fight being more relevant, now…,,,,,,,,,,,

Just Copy and paste in your Email and Be heard!!  Thank you!

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Health and Enviromental protection Committee…

This is the same as the Finance Committee…Do you think the Phone Numbers Will Help?  I can Post those as well…FB contacts would be Great for this as well…Thank you For all your Help!!

Thank you to CASAA Skype for this!!! http://committe….org/index.html
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This is the Finace Committee…

Well Not Quite a Month ago they Cam e at Us and we where able to Fight them Off Can We Do it again…I Sure Hope so. Below is the List Of Alderman that are on the Finance Committee.  All of these people need to be Contacted with Information From and your Stories.  If Someone can Get Information for FB pages that would Be Grand.  I hope to get the other Committee  as well.  Thank You All for doing what you can Can… http://committe….org/index.html http://www.ward… http://www.comm…
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