Please Senator DurbIn,,,,

It Seems Our Dear Senator who is Up For Re-Election is Dead set on Making Vapors his Enemy.  Why I an Imagine, but Despite My Numerous attempts He and Other Fine Senators have made it their fight. The reasons Are Simple if you think about it…

They Have to have a Bone to chew on that can Motivate the Activist and cross party Lines.  Smoking has been Demonized to the Point that Everyone with a Bit of Intellect Knows it is not Good For them or the People Around them.  The Monies put into the Coffers of these Politicians are what matters because issues are put Second to being able to Do the Job…What I mean is if over Half a Congressmen s Job is Raising Money then that Money has to “buy” something…

What needs to Happen is All us Vapers’ from the Land Of Lincoln have to get active and Email our Local Papers and put CC to the Senator, I hear that gets the Attention of the Assistants 🙂 and do the same to the County and Local Officials until the Facts come to the top and not the Drivel that seems to spread like Butter on Hot Toast.  There is an easy Post down the Page to Find all the Info, but Please Get ACTIVE, we have to Stop Playing Defence and throw facts and Links at anyone who Nay-says what it is we enjoy….


@SenDurbin @Dickdurbin

And Follow @FightToVape Great info there….

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