Half a Victory In Minnesota Today!!

Was watching Twitter today a saw that the Bill to include E-cigarettes into their clean air act failed in the senate but they where able to try to ban them in state buildings.  Not a whole Win But enough to keep motivated.

Also there was a Victory To Our North in Wisconsin, where they have put E-cigarettes separate to Analogs!!! I can Only Hope that Springfield listens to them and Not the beavers to the West.

I do hope that people find this Blog and use it.  If there is Something You would Like to post please let me Know and whatever you do Gt Active!!! Join CASAA and be a Voice for Vaping. The fight is coming now for every town and state and we Must Unite and Use the Tools available.  This is One but Twiter and FB  and The rest are needed to Push against this Blatant Ignorance of these Doctors and Represenatives that are paid to Be Voices!!!

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