They are at it again!!! This time in Springfield!!

I have been informed about This.  It is a Bill that is trying to Get ahead of the FDA and Follow the EU in Basically putting Vaping back into the Stone ages. Please take this List (albeit 3 short ATM But will try to Find them) and Email these Representatives and let them know that Minors Can not Buy them as Of Jan 1 and this is Going a little Overboard…Just follow ‘s standard Of be personalble with your story say why it is not needed and Direct them to Currant studies.

No One else is going to stand up for what we do But us and we Have to get a Bee in Our Bonnet and get active!!  I have been away for a bit dealing with Life and the bad taste left in my mouth after the train wreck in Chicago, but I hope to stay a bit more active with the Fight being more relevant, now…,,,,,,,,,,,

Just Copy and paste in your Email and Be heard!!  Thank you!

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