Who is using the New York Times for a trial balloon about e-cigarettes?

Love this Piece!!! we need to Get off our Tooshes and Do what we did in Chicago…Fill up the In boxes!!! this is even More important!! it is Going into LAW if it gets passed! I watched the Stream and they just would not listen to reason and had it set in stone that it was going to get Voted on. WE have Much MOre time to get them aware that we as Vapors Will not stand by and be treated the Same as Smokers…..

Anti-THR Lies and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

Ok, I do not know for sure that there is more here than coincidence.  But when a corporate news operation that clearly positions itself as a manipulator of “public health” politics (even though they pretend to be neutral reporters) goes from being anti-THR to running two positive columns about e-cigarettes in three days, it seems like something is up.

Two days ago, the NYT’s always-brilliant columnist Joe Nocera ran this piece.  That perhaps signified nothing (other than one smart person writing a single smart column) since Nocera often write something contrary to the NYT’s preferred political views.  But today’s op-ed from a couple of random Columbia public health professors makes you say “hmmmm?”

The timing is the most interesting part.  Neither piece had a hook to the news of the week, other than mentioning the ongoing fights which are always there.  I am told that…

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