Glantz (and Grana and Benowitz) cannot even get the simple facts straight

This Guy Just Can Not get a Thing Right!!!

Anti-THR Lies and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

Stanton Glantz has demonstrated once again why he had to get out of engineering and move into the tobacco control industry where not getting the facts right does not cause things to fall down (indeed, it is more or less a mandatory qualification).  He, along with his coauthors Rachel Grana and Neal Benowitz were hired by the anti-THR WHO to write what I have been told is a ham-handed hatchet job on e-cigarettes.  (I will try to summon up the strength to read their drivel and write more about the lies later.)

Someone who did have the stomach to read it pointed out to me the follow passage:

McAuley et al (2012) conducted a published risk assessment of e-cigarettes funded by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, CASAA, a pro- e-cigarette advocacy group.(McAuley et al., 2012) Key details about the protocol for conducting their risk assessment…

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