NYC commitee Falls!!

I Spent the Morning watching the Live stream of the New York City Council Heath committee’s Hearing about E-Cigarettes.  Which was a Bit different from the 90210’s, to say the least!  The Anti side was out in FULL FORCE!  we put up a great Great Fight but Unfortunately the Council Does want to make a Big splash at the End of their Life.

What I learned from the time was that the Anti’s use Legalese to say exactly the same thing “Maybe the Vapor is Bad, so we should treat it as BAD”.  This is why we Have to Stand up and Get our stories out there and say this is what Vaping has Done For Yourself, Get detailed  and get involed with CASAA PLEASE!! we need Members to get active this Fight is Getting Serious!  The issues are Clear 1.They do not like the Vapor as it is “smoke like” and will use Youth (that should not be able to buy anything) as the Excuse to Blanket our Fun with Tobacco.

You see what is Happening is the FDA is Using NYC and Chicago as Cover to say we are following what The Big Cities are Doing and we think that would be the way for the nation..It is Coming Folks and Mark My words the 19th is BIG for us if we can get the Council to  Not go whole Hog then we have a Chance…But that is going to Be Rough….

Here is a LINK to the Hearing.We put up a Heck of a lot of FACTS but we need to continue to Inundate the Alderman in Chicago daily and tweets about the Studies and Facts that we know to Be True!!

Again.  Please Stay active Join CASAA, Vape In Public and Do not fear people telling you how they feel Know your Facts and spew it like spilling coffee on them be respectful but do not Cower as that is what Smokers did…

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