So it Begins!!!

And the Fight has Found Illinois Largest City.  The Time has come to get in contact with ALL your Local officials and direct them to the Information on and get personal meetings with them if Possible and Put the Information in their Hands!!!

I watched the Stream from 90210’s fight and Vapers showed up and where able to get a Win for Rights…Here   s a link to Contact the Alderman of the Greatest City in the World.  If you Do not Live Here please Contact the Mayor.

You can contact all the County officials through this.  Please use the Form Letter in the sticky Post.  The Letter uses Great Verbiage and we Need to stay Conscious of the Fact that the Political entities  need to be addressed in calm Clear Language that derives an answer and not reaction.

CHICAGO • Users of electronic cigarettes could soon find themselves subject to Chicago’s smoking ban as the city tries to limit the use of the battery-powered nicotine vapor inhalers, which have become popular among minors and young adults.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is supporting an ordinance that would expand the city’s regulation of tobacco products to include e-cigarettes, barring their use in offices, indoor public areas and within 10 feet of building entrances. The measure will be introduced at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Electronic cigarettes are metal or plastic battery-powered devices resembling traditional cigarettes that heat a liquid nicotine solution, creating vapor that is inhaled by users. Users get nicotine without the chemicals, tar or odor of regular cigarettes. But e-cigarettes’ popularity among young people has raised the concern of public health officials and lawmakers….

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