Wow…Its been a while..

So I have Celebrated my 2 month Vapeversery!! I cannot believe All I have Learned and the people I have meet are the greatest!!  I have Tried to pass on what I can along the way and hope you have gotten something from it.

The Landscape is changing everyday, as far as legally…I have found out that Mundelein is having a policy meeting…If I can Get there I will be But I do hope we as a community can Represent like in 90210!!  I will send the Form letter from the top to everyone on the Board and I hope I am not alone…

Speaking of.  I will get a link to Our Representatives in Springfield and Washington so you all can find who you are paying to be Our voice.  Please Take the time to direct them all to and hopefully we can all prove the Truth is a Virus!!

Till Next time;Vape in Public!! stay informed and Be Proud of this!

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One Response to Wow…Its been a while..

  1. osolynden says:

    Congratulations. We must have started close to the same time.

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