Vaping in public.

Please DO Vape in Public, but do not act like it is your Right…I am all for being Discrete, but acting like you have a Cold is No way to act!!! Have a sense of Decorum and Do as you will because the only person you are Harming is yourself and that is a Fact. while you might Offend people with a smell and the look of a Cloud while shopping…what is in Vapor is Not Harmful to others…


Via VapeSquad comes the story of a NSW man who is facing trial and fine for vaping in public.

I’m having trouble deciding if this man is a brave trailblazer fighting for our rights, or a selfish motherfucker who is going to ruin it for the rest of us.

When vaping in a public place where smoking is prohibited or frowned upon, be discreet for pity’s sake. Double-inhale to minimize visible vapor. Keep a handkerchief or scarf with you to exhale into–unlike with real smoke, the hanky will absorb 95% of the vapor and leave no odor traces in the air. (Not 100%, though so keep the vapor down.) On planes, use the lavatory and use the hanky (it’s said that vapor won’t set off smoke detectors, but do you want to be the first to make it happen?). Rebuildable atomizers and other delivery systems that produce billowing vapor plumes…

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