Quitting cigarettes can make you sick…

Getting started IS THE HARD PART…the first Gear is hard but once you get set the Fun begins..

Vaping with Wern


… before making you feel a hell of a lot better!

On a fine March day some nine months ago, I made the executive decision to quit smoking cigarettes and pick up vaping. I managed to quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey, and went 100% with vaping from that day onwards. It took a lot of resolve and effort, but after a week or so, I picked up a good ol’ cancer stick and threw it away after just one puff.

The transition wasn’t easy, but I managed to get through it with a bit of grit and determination. For a month or so, I was edgy, grouchy and suffered from uncontrollable shaky hands. I knew it was my body getting accustomed to my sudden change in habits, and looking back, I can confidently say that it was the mental aspect of things which was much harder to overcome than the…

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