An Introduction to Vaping

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With so many options available to e-cigarette users, it’s difficult to decide what you should start off with. E-cigarettes come in a variety of forms from the real cigarette look-a-likes to mods that resemble large screwdrivers. So where do you start? That’s really dependent on your personal taste and preference. A real cigarette look-a-like such as a BluCig or Njoy are likely a good place to start if you have been smoking for a while and don’t quite want to let go of that physical aspect of smoking, the size of these e-cigarettes hold a very similar appearance to analogs however there is a slight weight difference in that they are slightly heavier. All e-cigarettes have an atomizer that heats up the e-juice (which can come in varying Nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 24 mg) which then produces vapor and if you choose, Nicotine. 

I personally started off with…

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