10 E-Juice Flavors that Don’t (as of yet) Exist

This is Exactly why i am SO excited that I left Analogs Behind. The shear Immense Possibilities for flavors. Not only that but you can choose HOW they taste by choice your PG/VG and Nic Level….One had so Few choices in smoking and with vaping every puff can be Different!!l

Thanksgiving Dinner

One of the fun things about vaping is seeing how vast the flavor selection can be. Fruits, desserts, and tobaccos are readily available, and what you tend to expect, especially at local brick and mortar distributors, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find various meats, vegetables, and spices that you just didn’t expect. Your first thought is “They’ve got a flavor for everything!”

I took that initial thought as a challenge, and started to hunt the flavors that don’t exist. Maybe this’ll inspire some companies to cook up something new, maybe not. Here are my findings, in no particular order.

Potatoes10. Potatoes

Let me start this out by letting my Irish pride shine for a moment. Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables in the world, and one of the most delicious. Baked, mashed, roasted, fried, doesn’t matter. It’s delicious. So that’s why I’m so shocked to find…

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