Follow up with the Steam Turbine clone

I know that there is a Clone of this already, but that thing looks Great!!

Vaping with Wern


When I first reviewed the Steam Turbine clone a couple of days ago, the biggest issue that I faced was the stock stacked vent holes being too small. After spending a few days sitting in my vape bag I took out my jewelers file kit and went to town on the vent holes.

Turns out that venting wasn’t the only problem with the Steam Tubine clone…

Story continues after the jump.

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2 Responses to Follow up with the Steam Turbine clone

  1. That looks beautiful. I’m just getting into rebuildables and am not very good. But that thing looks amazing. I might be getting motivated to try a little harder 🙂

    • sho2dapan says:

      I am not a Great Coil builder but did get better by using the Threads of a bolt…I tried today to thread the tails in and then unscrewed the bolt from my coils;Threaded XC-116 though tweaked a bit and with 3 loops got down to 1.3 ohms 😉 happy me for the Moment..

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