Electronic Cigarette: Different Types Of E-liquids

ay yay yay… More Miss information!! Let me just say that I am in No way an Expert, I I can Clear up a few things about this post. First off e-jice is Not Water based, and they are trying to promote a Product…Now on to the Facts…As I know them…
The basic Ingredients of Juice are PG?VG or more Specifically Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. The Optional Nicotine is put in with either one of the 2. The only other thing added to the bottle are Food Flavorings. N
Now there are more companies making Juice as it is an art and the cost is really small right now, but if you can get the combinations correct and are willing to do a lot of promotion There is a Growing Market for it….
If you would like a few retailers that I know have better than average Juice, let me know…


Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Electronic Cigarettes

The e-liquids are the water-based nicotine liquids that are used to produce the nicotine vapor in an electronic cigarette. The liquid is contained within the e cigarette cartridge and is heated by the atomizer to produce the vapor. Once a cartridge gets empty, the user will need to refill it with the contents of an e-liquid bottle.

There are mainly two basic versions in e liquids. The most common version is the pre-mixed version. The user can use these products right out of the bottle. All he needs to do is to pour the content of the bottle into the cartridge and he is all ready to vape again.

Just like the original cartridges, these liquids are available in different flavors. One can also choose from e liquids with high, medium, and low nicotine concentration.

The other kind is known as ‘mix your own’ version. This is generally meant for…

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