E-Cigs and Campus

The Post ends with a Great Point…”When having to go to a designated smoking area to use their electronic cigarette, the person using an electronic cigarette is now exposed to all of the chemicals that they are working so hard to avoid. It is our responsibility in the electronic cigarette community to educate, by providing scientific proof to back up claims about electronic cigarettes, not to chastise those that do not understand electronic cigarettes.”…
This is a Fantastic Reason to get your Story out there!! as the officials are taking the easy way out and saying that Vaping and Smoking are basically the same! And if You feel that way I can Prove you wrong….Oh you can say it looks the same and that its still Nicotine, and Addiction till the Cows Come Home, but One thing you must admit it is healthier for the Usser and the people around them….


Analog's no more!

On August 1st, 2013 Ball State instituted a new tobacco policy. The policy made the campus smoke-free and made smoking only allowed inside vehicles and in designated areas on the days of home football games. The punishment for violating the tobacco policy is a fine of 100 dollars per incident for students, and 75 dollars per incident for employees.

Upon reading this policy, it appears that Ball State has grouped electronic cigarettes in with tobacco products, although electronic cigarettes do not even have tobacco in them. Ball State is not the first or last place that includes electronic cigarettes with tobacco products. I’m assuming that the creators of these types of policies do not understand exactly how an electronic cigarette works and exactly what is contained in an electronic cigarette. If policymakers were properly educated or had been given some research studies to read about electronic cigarettes, there is a…

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