It’s Here….

I just Finished Writing the Town Council of Evanston, in Response to ‘s  Call to Action.  You see there is a Law in our Fair state that will already ban Sales to Minors, yet they word the Ordinance in a way that says “protect the Kids” but inside it also follows the same rules for Analogs!!!  This is NOT acceptable and the Reson we Must do our Due Diligence to stand up and say so.

I do not know about anyone but myself, but I will Not not be told that I can not Vape Inside;Not untill I see where I am Harming though around me while Doing So.  I fully Understood why they banned it in most places but think they went too far including Bars and such But I followed my Fellow smokers to the wilds of the Outdoors in the name of safety for my Fellow man.  That is not an issue anymore, I hope to Convert anyone that will listen that vaping Can be Great Fun and Good For you too…

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