No sympathy for arrogance

ineed…Thats Why I do not Smoke, I Vape…

Patrick Butler

Sometimes, I pity the poor smokers. Always relegated to an area outside and off property, their exile gives me pause from time to time.

It isn’t because I sympathize with the act of smoking. It’s more out of some notion of second-hand embarrassment and discomfort that comes with seeing smokers huddled outside doorways and under overhangs in the cold. If you smoke, jacket on and hood up are more or less a mandatory routine whenever you need a cigarette. Come winter, in the wind and the snow, it’s a bit of a pitiless ordeal.

Worse still for smokers are the endless smoking bans. Memorial University recently put up it’s own, banning all smoking anytime, anywhere on campus, and one has to wonder where student smokers are supposed to smoke at all nowadays, given the sheer expanse of Memorial’s grounds. The ban is a rule made to be broken, methinks, but…

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