is vaping healthy?!?!

While I do not Know for sure.  I can Say it is not AS harmful as Analogs…Anything else would be my personal Experience and that of my fellow vapers I have spoken to. can give you the “numbers” but other than that all I can say is that Tobacco smoking we KNOW is bad for Numerous reasons, and we also Know that Nicotine while the stimulant in the Mix between Vaping and Smoking does not cause Cancer…

Its Not Smoke. Its Vapor!

Hello fellow vapers! 😉

this post was going to be me sharing an article about the HUGE question “are e cigarettes actually as harmless as people say? ”  and well I was doing some research and I found so many articles talking about these!


The vape that looks like a cigarette! almost every article I read was comparing regular cigarettes to these! its like scientists don’t know there are sooooo many other options to vaping that they didn’t even mention! do any of you know why this is? like why is part of the vape world being ignored? please comment below and tell me what you think! sorry for the short post guys!

and as always happy vaping! 😉

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