A New Scientific Electronic Cigarette Review Shows E-cigs Are Harmless

As I have said before vaping is NOT Smoking….Looks like it and can Have Nicotine but it is not, Period End Stop. Now we know that Analogs Have thousands of chemicals that are not Good for Us and those that are around them. the Problem Vapors have is that Smoking has been Pushed to the Fringes of everything and Now ther is smoking that “looks Like it” but is Nowhere near as harmful and the people that are “offened buy the sight of ‘smoke’ ” try to package us into most of our Former Behavior.
This is why we Must stand up and do our part to Not Let This Happen! I am Fine with regulations but I will not be looked at as a “smoker” in total. I will Vape in Public I will answer questions about what it is and I will be polite. But I will not be told to step out side and then patron that place. I will not stay anywhere I am asked to leave and I will not pay for anything I did not consume before I leave. It is the Establishments responsibility to post their polices before that happens. I am proud to not be a Smoker and hope that I do get asked what it is and how it works. I am Not a Smoker and do not wish to be treated as one just because my Juice MAY have nicotine!!

Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Electronic Cigarette Review

Smokers have learned to deal with being outcasts and being relegated to partaking of cigarettes in restrictive smoking zones that are almost always are outside.

E-cigs, which smokers use to inhale a nicotine-infused vapor, bring them in from the cold.

The electronic cigarette reviews are in and users are delighted with the fact that they can puff the devices at their desks, on airplanes, in restaurants and bars, or just about any place they want to spend their time. They no longer have to waste time on cigarette breaks to get their fix.

The science so far supports the contention e-cigs are safer and do not generate harmful “second-hand smoke.”

A recent electronic cigarette review (scientific study) by the Drexel University School of Public Health found that e-cigs pose no significant risk to the smoker or those who may be nearby. The chemicals used in e-cigs, the study said, are…

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