Epic Juice- Big Stik

Yet another Juice to Try…


I’m not sure exactly how a melted pop-sickle is vapeable.  My understanding of the laws of physics would prevent an atomizer from successfully vaporizing melted ice with flavor syrup… but somehow Epic Juice and their secret wizardry have figured out how to do exactly that.  I’m convinced that there is actually no vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, or nicotine anywhere in this E-liquid.  It is very obviously and simple a melted pop-sickle.  And of course, nothing else can compare to Epic Juice’s amazing, signature throat hit which gives new meaning to the process of inhalation.  I’m pretty sure that the Almighty himself actually reached down from the sky and placed Epic Juice in it’s place out west in California, much like that scene in (the original) Clash of the Titans, where the god places Perceus in the middle of that stadium while he’s sleeping so he can wake up to the…

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