The Atomizer

This post will “walk you through” the Atty…FANTASTIC!!

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I’d like to welcome “You” personally, to this article.
We will briefly cover the Atomizer

First off there is no need to be confused, I will do my best to explain, it as simple as possible.I am going to assume, that you are new to the electronic cigarette. By new I mean thinking about trying one or have possibly made your first purchase. And would simply like to know more. With that said lets get started.

Atomizer:An atomizer is a device that converts a stream of liquid into a fine spray. When used with a heating element such as an ecig. It becomes vaper, which is inhaled by the electronic e cigarette user. On average an atomizer holds 1.5ml of juice. An atomizer is ideal for the vaper who likes to drip vape, this means 2-3 drops. For more of a flavor hit, rather then an all day vape of…

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