My Journey and Recent News

The CDC report quoted here and the coments about it is why I am passing this on..

Analog's no more!

I was introduced to the electronic cigarette a little over two years ago. It all began when I worked with a lady that was attempting to quit smoking and she purchased an electronic cigarette, and really disliked the experience. I remember going home and talking to my husband about it, and he was intrigued because he loves electronics. Not soon after we ordered our first electronic cigarettes, which were very basic models because there weren’t a lot of choices in electronic cigarettes. They all looked like a regular cigarette with a light on the end. The biggest plus that there was no tobacco and when you exhaled there was water vapor that looked like smoke and we were able to get all of our nicotine without the tobacco. Although it wasn’t quite the same as smoking, we both began feeling better and having more energy after smoking for several years.


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