Fasttech Review

I am happy that I can post something about this Company…The post here hits all the points I could make other than..
I have had to return a faulty Dripping atty and it started its journey 9/11 and has yet to arrive…It did (10-4)Just a FYI
While the deals that can be had I would recommend supporting you Local Vape store and paying a bit more for somethings…FT is fantastic if you want to wait 2-4 weeks but to start, I would order elsewhere..


Synonymous with cloned vape goods, Fasttech is fast becoming a top site  to visit amongst vapers. Go over to and you will find the simplistic and easily navigable site to afford the thought that this site does not sell second rate goods.

Browsing through the site you will find clones of high quality vape goods being sold for up to half the price. Take for example the Ithaka. A high quality rba, heralded as one of the top rbas on the market. Sells in the US for around $200. On Fasttech the ithaka clone sells for a mere 40 bucks. How ethical or unethical this may be, the price for some may speak for itself.

Aside from clones, fasttech sells many authentic vaping goods. From almost every eGo product available, ranging from $5-$15, to authentic Kanger and Vamo products. The goods sell at what seems to be wholesale prices…

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