Electronic cigarette liquid flavours

Good information here…the starter kits vary in value but IMHO the MVP kit is spot on…just know that they are by the far not the only juice vender…

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit | Electronic Cigarette Liquid

One of the things that makes e-smoking so exciting as opposed to real smoking is the plethora of e-cigarette flavours that you can choose from. By smoking an e-cigarette, not only can you satisfy your smoke cravings without letting out harmful smoke, but you can also experience different flavours that wouldn’t be possible with ordinary tobacco cigarettes.

Tobacco e-cigarette flavours are available in several different types of tobacco, and every e-liquid maker tries to incorporate the different elements needed to achieve those flavours. Do you prefer the dry taste of a Marlboro or do you like the rich, dark taste of a Davidoff? So electronic cigarette liquid makers try to achieve these varied tastes and there is no end to the possibilities.

E-cigarettes are also available in menthol flavour. If you smoked cigarettes more for the nicotine craving and the menthol rush than for the taste of the smoke, this…

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