If not Vaping, what is the alternative for smokers…?

Nice kit Here…and Decent Article…

Bennington Vapes Boca

ImageHow much do you like the taste of nicotine? Be it from an “analogue” ( paper cigarettes ) or from an e-cigarette?
Every one that smokes will, at some point, chew gum, pop a mint or drink something to mask the taste of nicotine. Its nasty!
I can say there are few scientific researches, but not enough to satisfy the do-gooders…
But there are some facts that are important to review… Reported from our customers

No nasty smoke smell in your hair, clothes, car, house…no smell clinging to you at all.
No more cigarette burns.
No more smoking outside. You can even vape in bed! No more ashtrays to clean.
No worrying offending anyone standing nearby. There is no second hand smoke!!

Our customers have reported amazing savings. $75-$200 per month?

What is the difference between vaping, and smoking an analog cigarette?
In a nutshell, about 3,996 chemicals. Wow! And…

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