Loopholes in e-cigarette regulation

I do not Like this Articles Tone. I goes into Fear-mongering and Uses the Term “gateway Drug” which is a Misnomer to choosing against perceived Norms….With the Information that is Out against Analog Cigarettes Why would anyone choose to take them up once they are properly equipped with the Right gear for Vaping?
I am not alone in saying that Minors Have No business now or or the Future Vaping, but I do not see the issue with doing so “inside buildings such as schools, churches, grocery stores or malls”, as the article says ” e-cigarettes produce water vapor rather than harmful smoke”, but I say that does make it Right!!
The Author Worries about ” The image people associate with smoking is negative, and we have our culture…” And I am All for the Continuation of Smokers getting a Bum Rap( I can NOT Believe I am saying that) but Vapors are NOT smokers and should NOT be treated as people whom Harm themselves and the others around them…
And once again The Child argument is nothing more than the “death Panels ” of the Healthcare Debate. While it is nothing Compared to the Drinking going on in the Same age groups, the Author chooses to Compare Nicotine to “heroin or cocaine. ” And I Know that Alcohol is Far more dangerous than Nicotine can be. The Point of the Original article was to call to arms to their “politicians” to reign in The rights of Vapors;My goal is to get People Involved and do the same!

Tobacco World

Herbert A. Gilbert may have created the first electronic cigarette in 1963, but leave it up to the millennial to popularize the technology-dependent smoking device. If we didn’t have enough gadgets in our lives already, electronic cigarettes will add another battery to the lot and require a new assortment of regulations to regain control.  

The e-cigarette is becoming increasingly popular, especially among kids, and is currently lacking enough regulation. Laws surrounding cigarettes do not apply to this new electric form, and e-cigarette users might think they have found a loophole, but they should know that politicians will be close behind.

The e-cigarette is an inhaler meant to simulate or substitute tobacco smoking. It can be used for quitting, but is also providing a way for people to regain smoking rights in areas where they were previously prohibited. 

People can smoke e-cigarettes in places where normal cigarette smoking is not…

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