e Cigarette Liquid

Great Information in this Piece! Thought it was going to turn there but in the End it is just directing you to their page…I have not tried thier Juice but Know some Great American made companies that I have Digitally met and can Vouch that their is nothing But Real food Flavors in and they Taste Fabulous..

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit | Electronic Cigarette Liquid

The term “e-liquid” is bound to take you by surprise at first and you might wonder if such a thing actually exists! But as you enter the world of e-cigarettes, you will guess that e-liquid is nothing but the e cigarette liquid or flavoured nicotine liquid that is vapourized by your e-cigarette. E-liquid contains natural as well as artificial flavours, nicotine, unless you have opted for a liquid that is free of nicotine, and a carrier liquid which vaporizes on being heated.

There are several varieties of e cigarette liquid in terms of flavours, vapor production and throat hit. An e-liquid containing only nicotine and flavours would be too thick and too dangerous for human consumption. For this reason, two carrier liquids, namely, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used to dilute the product to attain the desired strength. These carrier liquids also vaporize at lower temperatures and are neutral…

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2 Responses to e Cigarette Liquid

  1. osolynden says:

    A good basic primer on e-liquid. Thanks. Me? Still shopping for flavors I like. Got some I liked a lot from Alt Cig.

    • sho2dapan says:

      I am Glad You found Something you like…Have you be able to catch any of the Vaping Shows on Novabroadcasting.org or Vapenet.com…Vapetv.com has Great Information but not too many Giveaways. The Other 2 do have Many Many Juice giveaways And I have found their sponsors quite good…

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