Vape G.A.S. – Do you have it? What can you do about it?

This a Great piece!! and yes I am guilty of most of it myself…getting a mech soon…

Embrace the Vape

GasMaskBack when I was an active musician (actually musical whore would be more accurate because I would play bass on any kind of music for anyone who was paying), the common reference for musicians who were always after new gear was to say that they had G.A.S., Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  They were always looking for that next piece of equipment that was going to give them that certain sound for which they were looking.  Guitarists were notorious for it.   I was too.

Then I realized that back in my golfing day we were doing the same thing.  We were all looking for that new or different club that was going to fix our incredibly shitty swing.

Am I any different when it comes to vaping?  Hell no!

Am I the only one who apparently suffers from vape G.A.S. (for the last time, that stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome)?…

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