The Adult Pacifier

The Dang Yankee

by Mike McHugh

177093148I’d been a smoker most of my life.  Quit several times by various methods—cold turkey, nicotine gum, Chantix, you name it. Once I even tried hypnosis.  It worked, but I also came out of it with a strange desire to urinate on fire hydrants. A real wise guy, that hypnotist.

My problem was that I’d always backslide.  I’d be smoke-free for months, sometimes more than a year, and then I’d be back onto the cigarettes.

Then, I discovered the electronic cigarette, or as my wife calls it, the “adult pacifier.”  In case you’re not familiar, the e-cig is a smokeless device that produces water vapor instead of tobacco smoke.  The juice that’s used to make the vapor also contains nicotine and flavoring, as well as a thickener—typically propylene glycol.

“You’re smoking anti-freeze?” my wife asked when I told her what was in it.  “Why don’t you just…

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One Response to The Adult Pacifier

  1. Thanks for re-posting this. Hope your readers will get a chuckle out of this lighter side of vaping.

    For the record, my wife does call it my adult pacifier, and she did actually say, “Carthaginians” instead of “carcinogens”.

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