How To Lose Weight Through Vaping

I was Going to Look into this..Thank Goodness we have other active vapers that are doing things!! I know I pick up and vape a few drops if I get a feeling for a snack…


There’s a video on YouTube that has gotten me thinking, is it really possible to lose weight through vaping? According to this guy, he uses vape flavors like Banana Cream Pie to fulfill his cravings, minus the calories.

If you think about it, it really does make sense. It makes sense to me at least. I mean if you have a sweet tooth and crave calorie-infested treats, then you can get the flavor through vaping without the guilt.

We’ve all had them. Those moments when we’ve told ourselves, “I’m not hungry, but I sure feel like having a banana split right now!” Twenty minutes later, you’re stuck with a tummy ache wondering what the hell did you just do.

So yes, I think he has a very feasible point. I can say from first hand experience that I went through a big weight loss at one point in my…

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