Fictions about Electronic cigarette Canada

Not a Canadian, but the information iis Valid…

Electronic Cigarette In Canada

If something is a fiction, it is not true, although people sometimes pretend that it is true. The world we are living today is full of myths and misconceptions. Anything which has been discovered to serve as alternative for other harmful products must have some speculations. Similarly, there are fictions going around about Electronic cigarette Canada. The first one is that electronic cigarette are illegal products. People cannot stop spreading this fiction, many health organizations have proven electronic cigarette as an alternative for tobacco cigarette. It is only the government who has not legalized it and we are eagerly waiting for their approval. They next fiction about electronic cigarette is that they have the worst side effects than traditional cigarette. People who spread a report like this may be hallucinating. There is no side effect which has so far been found though nicotine is used, but in real sense, we…

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