Why Am I Still Craving Cigarettes?

had to put this pon just because it is WORLD WIDE VAPING DAY!!! and the sign is just Great!! Not to mention the content is Spot on…


I’ve been cigarette-free for quite a while now, but honestly I get the itch to smoke a cigarette every now and then. It’s natural for any recovering junkie. This was a daily habit of mine for many years, and I still consider myself new to vaping.

Let’s face it, sometimes vaping feels exactly just like that, smoking vapor. It lacks the “kick” or throat hit cigarettes usually give you. It’s like a smoker going from Marlboro Reds to ultra lights, it might not be doing you so well. In this case, its time to up your dosage of nicotine.

The beauty of vaping is it is highly customizable to fit your taste. The more you vape, the more you will discover what works for you and what doesn’t. In my case, I am more about flavor and vapor production. I have done away with cartomizers and clearomizer tanks and have settled with rebuildable atomizers. I have also…

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