There’s a 100% Chance that your 6-Year-Old is an E-cigarette Vaper!

Fantastic bit of Work Here! Questions the answers and puts knowledge to numbers…I do wish I could put together something like that…


First and foremost, I would like to point out that after more than an hour of looking, I was tragically unable to find a single picture of a child vaping anywhere on God’s Green Internet.  There are plenty of pictures of children smoking, mind you, and I can’t help but notice that cigarettes remain fully legal albeit barred from purchase by minors.  That said, I finally settled on this picture of a refined, stoic baby with a pipe which, but for the ancient, sepia-tone atmosphere of the photo, might just as well be an E-pipe for all we know.  Now… on to the story at hand which is the vaping of E-cigarettes by 6 year-olds.  Actually, the story covers ages 6 to 17, but I have no doubts that the majority of the media will report this story with the term “6 year-olds” somewhere in the headline.

Recently, the American…

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