Condemning e-cigarettes is a bad idea and the European Union’s ban on snus is bad too.

Sort of Smug.

At the moment I am slightly alarmed. I am alarmed because recently electronic cigarettes have been under attack by the anti-smoking movement. I have been researching e-cigarettes for the last year and watched them gain wider attention and use, but this push to ban their use in public spaces and set other restrictions has taken off like a bat out of hell.

Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new phenomenon in the United States. Basically they are battery-operated devices that heat up liquid so that users can inhale the vapor. The liquid used usually contains nicotine, although it doesn’t have to, and comes in a massive array of flavors. Some e-cigarettes are designed to look like traditional cigarettes while others bear no resemblance.

Traditional cigarettes are harmful to human health and that is a fact. Second-hand smoke is also harmful. It makes sense to ban smoking in enclosed public spaces because people…

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