Misnomers 2: The Powers That Be

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Embrace the Vape

This is the second article in this series on terminology in vaping equipment.  In Misnomers: The Vape World is Full of It – Part 1,  we looked at the equipment used for holding the juice, vaporizing and getting the vapor into you.  Today, we look a bit further down your device (get your mind out of the gutter) at what provides the power to do all that vaporizing stuff.  This is a brief tour of those devices and is not meant to provide you with a degree in electrical engineering. too.   These devices all have a few things in common.

First is the connector.  The vast majority of devices on the market today have a 510 connector and for good reason because the vast majority of the stuff you attach to these devices have 510 connectors.  Does 510 mean anything  you ask?  Well, yes it does says I!  The…

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