Electronic Cigarettes – A New Threat?

But I do want you to see what is going on and why We need to Post and tweet and do everything we can to stop this MISINFORMATION from getting into the populous….

I urge you to Please look at CASAA.org and SFATA.org and maybe ask a Vaper before you take the above as the Honest Truth…From Experience E-cig s Are an Alternative to Smoking and I am Not alone…Google a bit,

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#E-Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes, or E-Cigarettes, are one of the hottest new items hitting smoke shops, big cities, and online shopping sites. These products claim to be a safer alternative to smoking and possibly even a tool to use to quit smoking altogether.  They may also be targeted toward non-smokers and children, and may even be dangerous to the user and those around them. Being relatively new, these vaporizers are already creating problems for people with concern to laws involving buying, selling, and using and there is little good research on the health benefits/dangers.ecig 1

The device was first introduced in China in May 2004 and received international patent in 2007. As of 2011, in the United States, one in five adults who smoke have tried electronic cigarettes and several e-cigarette models are marketed and owned by big tobacco companies.

The idea is simple, rather than burning a traditional cigarette and inhaling…

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