Congratulations Anthony and James

Congrats to your Friends…I know it is Off topic to the Blog But this is what needs to happen In the Land of Lincoln….”liberty and Justice for ALL’!!!

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My friends James and Anthony just got married.  My breeder friends make a big deal any time any one does that.  Even though these days most of them have done some exploratory poking around or are into serial monogamy.

It’s an even bigger deal when it just became legal for you and your mate. 

They have been together for 33 years.  They own a house and a business together. 

I explained to an unsympathetic redneck neighbor that marriage is a LEGALITY that declares two people related IN THE EYES OF THE LAW.  That makes it hard for hostile relatives to swoop in and steal assets they didn’t earn (in the event of a partners death) and simplifies tax issues…  

And so much more.  

I could tell by the look in her capitalist libertarian eyes that it was the one thing she had never considered. To hell with the…

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One Response to Congratulations Anthony and James

  1. osolynden says:

    Your support is appreciated! As a former Illinoisan I keep tabs on the state. Looks like it will come in time?

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