An E-Cig Sounds Like A Good Idea

Give them a look..

Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews


While I have heard of electronic cigarettes, they seemed more of a gimmick and only sparked skepticism, until a couple of days ago. A very close family member told me that they had finally stopped smoking after 40 plus years. Well, that tickled my interest. “How”, I asked. “E-cigs”, he answered.

His relaxed tone was not that of most people that were trying to quit smoking. E-cigs are great on two fronts. They address the issue of habits, and the cartridges that can contain nicotine address the addiction. “It looks, feels and taste pretty darn close to the real thing”, he said. The e-cig comes in a number of sizes that mimic the traditional combustible cigarette. An LED tip and vaporizing mechanism provides the look of a lit smoking cigarette. Cartridges that resemble the filter of a combustible cigarette give the e-cig nicotine and taste to satisfy nearly any smoker.

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