World Wide Vaping Day!!!

Yippee We have a World Wide DAY!!

This a FABULOUS time to become a Vaper…and if you are one PLEASE JOIN CASAA.ORG!

With the FDA regulations due to come out in 2 weeks we need to band together and Drop the Drama… Get tgether and put our stories out there.  Why you ask;Because they are looking  just like we are for products they are looking Googling for anything about vaping, and the More we post  things into the ether and get picked up by The algorithms The more likely they will find something from a Real Person that is using a PV  to Enjoying it…Heck living better when you get off the Analogs.

So Please Do Go Take 15 minutes and  and Follow that link and take action.  Srend that letter to your Mayor and local Representatives, Send them to Casaa, and make them do their jobs from the Building Dept. manager to Your Senator and Beyond…The Anit Side is going to be Pulling out the Big Guns Soon and every little thing we Do before is a Firebreak to the Onslaught…

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2 Responses to World Wide Vaping Day!!!

  1. osolynden says:

    OK… Gonna do that. Only been vaping for a month and a half now but it was my ticket to stopping “real cigs” for good. Don’t even want one anymore.

    • sho2dapan says:

      Congrats…I am about at the same Point…a month an a Half…I will not Lie I do get an urge to find a smoke Once in a while…after eating, but I an So close to not wanting anything more than a Vape!!!

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