Research Discovers that the E-cigarette Helps Smokers Quit

while I would Like to see a more indepth Study…This will do for Now…

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E-cigarette Quit Smoking

According to new research, almost 10% of people quit smoking once they have tried an e-cigarette. This indicates a possible replacement for government backed tools to combat tobacco addiction, like nicotine lozenges and patches. This recent study appeared in the peer reviewed publication PLOS.

No doubt, this study will stimulate the debate over the best way of regulating this small but rapidly growing competitor to the traditional cigarette. Typically, normal cigarettes are regarded as more damaging to the health than e-cigarettes, due to the fact that they emit poisons via combustion. On the other hand, the e-cigarette relies on battery power for heating nicotine laced fluid and converting it into vapor.

However, the science is not complete. In the US, the FDA said it intends to regulate e-cigarettes, but added that more research is required into their effectiveness and safety. Last month, EU health ministers lobbied to subject e-cigarettes to…

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