Hardware Review: IGO-L

Nice Little RBA here…I like real Screw heads..Nothing to get lost as Rebuilding sounds scarcy but I would recommend one of these or a Phoenix because you have no Idea what you are going to Like as Far as Flavors, and a simple RBA would let you get all the flavor and let you get the 3ml bottles to start and not have a Clearo full of stuff you do not like…

God of Steam

IGO-L - click to enlarge

This was my first RDA, and I will always have a soft spot for it.


Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 25mm (~0.98″)
Diameter: 20mm (~0.79″)
Battery Connection: 510
Number of posts: 2
Post holes: NO
Number of air holes: 1
Diameter of air hole(s): ~1mm
MSRP: $19.99USD
What’s in the box:

  • 1 IGO-L RDA deck
  • 1 IGO-L RDA top cap
  • 1 bag of spare parts (2 o-rings, 1 extra post screw, small piece of wick, small piece of wire)

Some retailers include the spare parts baggie, some do not. The actual price for these guys ranges from about $12 to $25 depending on vendor (available here, among others).


  • Price.
  • Simple, easy to get working.
  • Spacious drip well makes dripping super easy.
  • Large deck (this is relative with RDA’s).
  • Philips head post screws, no allen wrench to fool with.

The IGO-L is simple to set up, and is a…

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