Ego Twist Battery on the Go

as Basic as it gets, with a Twist (lol) My 2 cents is Go with the itaste 3.0 same price bigger Bang…

A Perfect Alternative for Those Who Want To Quit Smoking

As far as my knowledge is concerned, except that you have your vaping experience’s much more control, eGo Twist Battery looks similar to standard eGo battery. The output voltage (from 3.2v – 4.8v) can be adjusted in the eGo Twist battery. At different temperatures, unusual e-liquids taste another way. That is why twisted battery of eGo brand has become famous. With a different resistance, you your atomizer would change out for one, traditionally, but by clicking the pen bottom, your voltage can become adjustable now. The twisted battery of eGo brand’s another advanced vision is based on original eGo-C battery. The circuit modification has been done to enable the output voltage adjustment from 3.2V-4.8V. At the bottom, the knob can be spun with the in-built smart Buck-Boost converter for to output voltage adjustment depending upon your requirement.


I am now confident that in the Premium Vapes products line, the newest…

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5 Responses to Ego Twist Battery on the Go

  1. Rob Rodriguez says:

    We try all the products before we carry them and after two consecutive DOAs, it was decided we were not going to be carrying them. Some people do not like the feel of them.

    I have heard they are great, we just had a bad experience with them.

    I may give them another try sometime soon.

    • Good to know what others think of the products out there.

    • sho2dapan says:

      I did not know You have a Problem with them…I have 2 and have no Problems…VW is a thing that is Nifty…

      • I sell them on my site because they are how I started to vape but I am in the process of switching to Mods and rebuildables. It is a bit to learn but those big clouds and amazing taste is worth it.

      • sho2dapan says:

        Amen to passing on What works….I am Fairly new but wanted to try all the Flavors that where out there, and clearos just are not good for that…A 510 or 306 is what I would tell a anyone getting into this…Along with a Drip shield which is Darn hard to Find.
        That wasy they can order samples and try as many as possible and not be out big dollars and not have Funky coils and half full tanks full of stuff they do not like…
        Even better, if I had a B&M close I would set them up with a Phoenix and build them a coil or 2…

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