E-Cigarettes. Are they……..cool?

Why yes…yes I can..


I’m a 50 year old non-smoker. I picked a still lit cigarette butt out of the gutter when I was six years old, tried it, hated it and never looked back. In my teens other teenagers never ever looked cool to me for smoking – and still don’t.

Recently I was speaking to another man in his 50s who dismissed all scientific evidence on the dangers of smoking. I pointed out that regardless, all he was doing was smoking leaf litter. Would he pick leaves off the ground, dry them, roll them up, put them in a bit of thin paper and smoke them? Nope!! That is all smokers are doing. Inhaling the smoke from leaf litter. 

Anyway, I digress.

As a teenager in the 1970s, many teenagers copied those in their late teens and twenties and took up smoking. Thinking it looked cool. It never tasted good, so it…

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