The Chick Who Knows How To Vape

Thank you!! This is Exactly what we all must do. Post our stories offer what we know and direct questions to those who Can answer when we Can not. Thank you again…And as Smokie says Vape strong Vape Proud Vape in Public…

Vapor Chick

That’s who I am. I’m the girl who knows what it’s like to use a vaporizer and actually enjoy it because I took the time to read a lot of the information out there on vaporizers before I actually made the wild decision to invest in one. I feel like my lungs, throat, and other parts of my body are thankful that I decided to start vaporizing instead of smoking. Smoking cigarettes plagued me for years before I got around to vaporizing. Which is something I only did after numerous unsuccessful attempts to cease smoking entirely. Now I’m a vaporista! I don’t vape that much, not as much as I used to smoke, and I still feel like I’m getting the nicotine that I need. As someone who used to roll their own cigarettes, I can tell you that vapor isn’t nearly as harsh as the smoke created through combustion…

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