Day 4 – Cigarette Free for Four Days!


Yep, four days and no cigarettes!  My Blu battery broke again but I still have the other one so I bought some cheap one at the gas station (Clayton) for $7.99 works just fine.  I also picked up some empty cartomizers and juice!  It got a little messy and I got a little frustrated but not enough to give up!  Also, once I got home I realized the juice I bought was made in China (dammit) and was 100%PG.  I wanted USA made and one with a mixture of VG and PG.  That’s ok, I’ll use up what I have and remember for next time.

Again, not a thought has crossed my mind to go and buy a pack of real smokes!  I walked past some people smoking and although it didn’t disgust me, it didn’t make me want one either.  Feeling very optimistic!!


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