Planet of the Vapes

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The use of electronic cigarettes is rapidly growing.   Some users have congregated in online forums and a subculture with its’ own language has developed. 

Basically e cigs turn a liquid into vapor that can be ingested.  The vapor looks and feels almost like smoke but it isn’t.

A huge industry has grown up to service the demand.  Many flavors of “e-liquid” or “e-juice” mimic certain brands of “analog” cigarette.  There are even more flavors that have nothing to do with tobacco.  Think of a flavor and someone makes it… watermelon, peach brandy, coffee, chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, root beer float.

The flavors can be mixed and some “vapers”make their own. 

Now you know what it is and a little about it. 

Society has decided to discourage smoking in every way possible and for legitimate reasons.  There is no debate that it takes a devastating toll on health and the health care…

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