Another DAy to Make Waves…

Well There I was Vaping away and I happened to pop into and caught a Couple of Shows…And one topivc that is Often Discussed is the Worldwide Persecution of e-cigaret.  I learned today that the European Union is drafting More Regulations on Tobacco Products and are slinding Closer to Vaping….

This is why We in America Must Do everything we can to get Our Voices heard.  By starting your own Blog by Tweeting and Anything else you can do to slow the tide of Persecution and Regulations that are indeed coming…

Now as to the Focous of this Place;Please Do let me know of any groups that you are apart of and let me be a Link in the ether as all things help the popularity in Google’s Mind, and will put Vaping more in the Forefront of the public, which is what is needed to get ahead of the Coming announcements from the FDA…

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