Big tobacco is scared

The Title Says it all!!!!!

Rob Vapor


Just saw an alert from CASAA (The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association) about a town in Northern California that wants to treat e-cigarettes like Hookah and ban all sales in the city. Now you can still buy cigarettes in that city so what is the deal??

 I’m not a conspiracy theorist but, I would not be surprised in Big Tobacco had a hand in this or influenced it in some way. Probably some liquor store or tobacco shop owner did not want the competition and simply convinced the city council these products are bad for the children’s health. Boom! Next thing you know the fine folks in Union City California cannot enjoy e-cigarettes and have lost a liberty that was rightfully theirs

 Well, on a larger scale you can bet Big Tobacco will be doing that and stirring up content against electronic cigarettes and e-juice. Analog cigarettes represent the…

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