No-Go for e-cigs on Essex trains

This is why we need to get together and stop state and Locals from Fearing what is Billowing out of Our Mouths…


Disgruntled train passengers in the Essex and surrounding areas are facing a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes on trains and platforms. 

E cigs, like those sold by VapeStix are devices which allow users to “smoke” by vaporising liquid nicotine into a mist that the users inhale or “vape”. Since the smoking ban in England, Scotland and Wales, smokers have been switching to e cigs as an alternative to cigarettes because they don’t emit the harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco products. 

The ban has been enforced by Greater Anglia and C2C, who are worried that the vapour mist exhaled by users when using these products could be mistaken by staff as real cigarette smoke.

Greater Anglia and C2C are the latest transport companies to ban the devices. Earlier this year, First Capital Connect and Scots Rail faced a backlash from passengers when electronic cigarettes were banned. 

Our advice…

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